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Judging Criteria

The 2024 Rockie Awards includes two rounds of panel judging composed of experienced industry professionals from around the world, selected for their expertise within the appointed categories.

The overall criteria for the Rockie Awards is excellence on an international scale. Judges score each entry on five criteria: originality, execution, style, substance, and overall excellence. Each area is judged on a scale from 1 to 10. A perfect score would be 50 points.

Judges' scores are then converted to a ranking system.

BANFF and the Rockie Awards make every effort to ensure judges are not voting on projects where they may have a conflict of interest.

Jurors are required to agree to a Code of Conduct including abstaining from judging any material where they may have a less-than-obvious conflict. Should the festival learn of a judge voting on an entry where the evidence of a conflict of interest is clear and absolute, BANFF and the Rockie Awards reserves the right to eliminate that judge’s scoring.

The winners from each Rockie Awards category are then submitted to the Grand Jury, composed of an executive-level panel. The highest scoring category winner overall will be announced as the official recipient of the coveted annual Grand Jury Prize at the 2024 Rockie Awards.