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Fresh Start Media, Sky Kids


Children & Youth - Children and Youth Nonfiction

Kids’ questions to the Prime Minister (PMQs) is just one of many firsts secured by FYI since its inception (Boris Johnson has followed Theresa May’s commitment to this feature). The young presenters have also had exclusive interviews with a host of musicians, sports stars and other big names, including Hugh Jackman, Tim Peake, and the Duchess of York. FYI reporters have brought exclusive reports from across the world, including South African reports on the rescue of abandoned dogs and the young people’s radio show aiming to stop violence in Townships. Audience research shows FYI’s unique formula is succeeding in keeping children constantly engaged with the show, while they develop their understanding of cultures, international events, and environmental issues. FYI is available across the Sky Kids app and Sky News channel. Schools can also watch the show throughout the week at through a media partnership with the UK’s only children’s newspaper.