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2020 Nominees

Behind the Door



Scripted - Drama Series: Non-English Language

The protagonist, Risako, loves her daughter from the bottom of her heart. But she slowly loses her confidence as a mother and struggles in the relationships with her husband, as well as her parents-in-law. Many mothers are unable to speak out when they are exhausted by child-rearing. What torments them the most is the expectation of society. Many mothers become wary of not fitting into the mold of what mothers should be like; and often drive themselves into feeling insecure and inferior. We tackled this dramatic series with the hopes of saving lives by capturing child-rearing, and by shedding light on husbands, grandparents, friends, and society as well as mother’s perspective and their hardships. No person is an island. They must share their hardships, care for one another, and understand each other in order to live strong. We would like this series to start a conversation and seek what is missing from our society and what each and every one can do to prevent child abuse.