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2020 Nominees

Difficult Destinations

Eén, De Mensen, VRT


Arts & Entertainment - Lifestyle

Difficult Destinations started off in 2013 as a quirky travel show in which host Tom Waes tried to find out if it’s possible to go on holiday anywhere in the world. Even in places usually not associated with tourism, such as South Sudan, Turkmenistan or Transnistria. The show quickly broadened it’s scope. Tom was one of the first tourists to visit Sierra Leone after the ebola epidemic. He has travelled America’s route 65, just because everybody does Route 66 and has tracked through the Alaskan wilderness all by himself. Tom doesn’t shy away from serious issues either. Talking to victims of Albania’s deadly blood feuds, visiting Venezuela as the country spiraled out of control and traveling through Northern Ireland during the marching season, when tensions between catholics and protestants run high. You never know where Tom will take you. Difficult Destinations can be funny, adventurous, deadly serious, exhilarating and beautiful. And preferably, it’s all in one episode.