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2020 Nominees

This Time with Alan Partridge

Baby Cow Productions, BBC


Scripted - Comedy Series: English Language

The return of the character to the BBC after a 20 year absence was a huge cultural moment. For a few weeks in January and February Alan was unavoidable, and the show was a resounding critical success. The writing team of Neil Gibbons, Rob Gibbons and Steve Coogan found the perfect vehicle for a modern Alan. He's no longer the blundering, egomaniacal 'little Englander' of Knowing Me Knowing You, but has evolved and fleshed out brilliantly into a more rounded, desperate, empathetic figure. The grammar of the show was carefully planned and executed in a way that exposed different layers of Alan; on camera and off camera. It showcased his full range, from flailing in the pressure cooker of a live broadcast, to the rich pathos of his private moments with Lynn. Alan's co-host Jennie was the perfect foil for his cack-handed fumblings. The professional smile whilst loading every look, aside and grimace with frustration is a masterclass in comic understatement.