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2020 Nominees

The Ranganation

BBC, Zeppotron


Arts & Entertainment - Comedy & Variety

In a time where the political spectrum appeared wider than ever, tearing the country seemingly down the middle, Ranganation aimed to form a focus group that would be a true microcosm of the nation. Giving the UK their own representatives in the Ranganation with pseudonyms like ‘Comic Book Guy,’ ‘Ex-Banker’ and ‘Technophobe’ became a funny way to initially present these characters while allowing their individual personalities to emerge throughout the series. Having Romesh at the helm from the beginning of the development process gave us the ability to be as creative as possible with the format by involving a changing line-up of celebrity comics and guests each week that he could interact with alongside the ‘Ranganation.’ All important to that was Romesh’s relationship with his mum and including her as a part of the Ranganation gave us yet another perspective from which to look at the stories from the week, as well as converying their wholesome and naturally witty chemistry.