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2020 Nominees

The Elephant Queen

Apple TV+, Deeble & Stone, Wild Inspiration Ltd.


Documentary & Factual - Environmental and Wildlife

Deeble and Stone and their small team lived alongside their wild elephant subjects for four years, camped in Tsavo National Park, to get to know Athena and her family intimately. In the course of filming, cinematographer Deeble spent months underground in a cramped metal box to film elephants from a 'toenail' vantage point. The result is an extraordinary story that no-one could have predicted and a cinematic love letter to a species that is heading for extinction. It is wildlife filmmakers Stone and Deeble's most ambitious project yet, ten years in production and the culmination of three decades of experience living alongside elephants in the African bush - a film designed to make a global audience fall in love with elephants and motivate them to conservation action. "We cannot imagine a world without elephants - our hope is that, after watching the The Elephant Queen, audiences will share our passion and be moved to action.