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2020 Nominees

The Trial of Ratko Mladic

BBC, PBS Frontline, Peggy Pictures, Sandpaper Films, Sant&Usant


Documentary & Factual - Crime & Investigative

The Trial of Ratko Mladic combines riveting story telling with privileged to the most important war crimes trials since Nuremberg. The film follows the work of prosecution and the defence lawyers and includes testimony from both Mladic’s victims and his most ardent supporters, not least his wife and son. Although it leaves no doubt as to Mladic's guilt, the film's multi-perspective approach provides viewers with a truly unique exploration of the Bosnian war - a conflict that shocked the world with its horrors and barbarity - and to the legal reckoning that proceeded it. The film acts as a warning from history – a warning against the politics of nationalism and ethnic hatred. And, at a time when atrocities are being committed with impunity in countries like Syria and Myanmar, it also shows the moral imperative of holding individuals accused of the worst crimes to account, reminding the world that justice is not only possible but essential for humanity to move forward.