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2020 Nominees


Baby Octopus, Giant Animation, Toybox, YouTube Originals


Children & Youth - Animation: Children’s

Today’s kids know their future is at risk from climate change, but what does that actually mean? Sherwood offers a vivid cautionary tale of what might happen if too little is done too late - while still making room for hope and heroism in this brave new world. In this futuristic twist on the Robin Hood legend, the year is 2270 and London is underwater. Robin is a 15-year old girl. With her band of orphans, renegades and refugees, she battles the evil Sheriff, who commands the Upper City that houses the rich and influential. The high-stakes adventure, character relationships and comedic banter are brought to life by our eclectic and diverse ensemble, including Anya Chalotra, Joseph Fiennes, Tyler Posey and Jamie Chung, while the original score blends classical, world music and earworm pop tracks. Sherwood offers a sophisticated viewing experience designed to empower kids to enact change today.