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2020 Nominees

Climate Change: The Facts

BBC Studios The Science Unit, IWC Media


Documentary & Factual - Science and Technology

The idea was to create an unflinching film that would serve as a global record of the current science and politics of climate change. The story is told through the testimony of scientists. Over 80 hours of interviews were intercut to create a thriller like narrative. As well as being critically acclaimed this was the UK’s most viewed science programme of 2019. The initial UK audience was nearly 4 million viewers; exceeding the share of BAME viewers by 37%. The film appealed to a wide audience; it was projected onto parliament by members of the public, it trended top on Twitter. The film has had a wide-ranging and on-going impact. Research has shown that it was the second most influential climate event of 2019, triggering a wave of public and political consciousness. Following transmission the film was mentioned in parliamentary meetings and is cited as having played a role in enabling the government to announce the Net Zero emissions target.