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2020 Nominees

Your Home Made Perfect

BBC Two, Remarkable TV Fluid Pictures


Arts & Entertainment - Lifestyle

Your Home Made Perfect totally reimagines property on TV. During its development, the producers studied viewing figures and patterns, they recognised there was always a spike at the end of property shows because viewers tune in for the ‘big reveal’. The goal became to show multiple, meaningful reveals across an hour, but also still include a transformative and emotional narrative. Your Home Made Perfect was the first property transformation show to use virtual reality and photo real visual effects as primary content. It took 24,000 hours to render the graphics for the series, which included 64 minutes of photo-real CG and 48 minutes of painstaking composited shots. Authenticity was key to the show working. Whilst some of graphic sequences are shot on green screen, all the audio reactions viewers hear are authentic ones, recorded when the contributors saw the designs for the first time with the VR goggles on.