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2020 Nominees

The Planets

BBC Studios, Nova, PBS, Tencent Penguin Pictures, WGBH Boston


Documentary & Factual - Science and Technology

“So staggering you go ‘whoa!’ every few seconds. Through its enormous scope, its look at an existence so mind-blowingly far beyond people, what The Planets really highlights is how brilliant people can be.” The Guardian “[T]he kind of dramatic scenes you’d witness in a sci-fi movie, except of course that no sci-fi screenwriter has conceived of a world quite like, say, Neptune – with its swirling gas storms, where gusts of methane travel at 2,000 km per hour.” The Independent The Planets reached 23% of the UK population, attracting the biggest unique audience to BBC Two Factual in 2019. The first 3 episodes were the #1 requested BBC Two programme on iPlayer during broadcast period. Overseas it was a hit too. In China it delivered 530m total album views – the highest number of views for any BBC title of Tencent to date.