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2020 Nominees

Click 1000



Arts & Entertainment - Interactive Content

To make Click1000, an entirely new content-creation tool was developed in conjunction with BBC R&D, called ‘Storyformer’. The production process is fundamentally new– you create one dynamic piece of content but it can be viewed many, many ways, and can adapt itself depending on what you have previously seen. The story needs to make sense internally and must be properly balanced editorially. To achieve this we developed new production techniques using flowcharts to guide the storytelling and development process. Similar techniques were used by Netflix to produce Black Mirror's 'Bandersnatch', but Click 1000 offered much more complexity than this, with trillions of possible ways to watch. With Click’s strong journalism underpinning the experience, Click 1000 is a world-first digital storytelling project that gives viewers a new and personal way of experiencing content, and pioneers new software and technology that could define the future of television and news.