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2020 Nominees

The Order

Netflix, Nomadic Pictures


Scripted - Sci-Fi & Genre-Based

College freshman Jack Morton wants to join America’s most powerful secret society, “The Hermetic Order Of The Blue Rose”, for the same reason as any other freshman… he sees opportunity in the connections that he can make. Instead, he discovers that “The Order” is an actual coven of real-life wizards led by the one person he hates more than anything: his biological father. As if Jack didn’t have enough troubles, The Order’s arch-nemeses, The Knights Of St. Christopher, draft him into their ongoing battle with The Order… by transforming him into a werewolf. As Jack grapples with conflicting allegiances, he finds that separating good magic from bad isn’t always easy. A serialized drama that combines young-adult adventure, horror, romance, campus comedy and tense action – THE ORDER is a terrifying magical journey to uncover our true selves...and the monsters we hide within.