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2020 Nominees

Children of the Snow

Cineflix Productions, Investigation Discovery


Documentary & Factual - Crime & Investigative

Set against the backdrop of the Motor City is an unsolved story of the kidnapping, captivity, and murder of four innocent young people over a 13-month period in the late 70s. The idyllic lifestyle in the suburbs of Oakland County ended abruptly when the murders set off the largest manhunt in US history at the time and, with a predator in their midst, changed the way people lived. For the families of the four children, it was a living hell. Then, the murders stopped. There were no arrests, and no one charged. Part documentary, part investigation, Children of the Snow follows writer J. Reuben Appelman, Detective Cory Williams, and families of the victims in their mission to unravel one of America’s most puzzling crimes. And, as one family uncovers a suspect buried for decades and mistakes in the original investigation, new science may finally unlock the answer from old evidence.