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2020 Nominees

Total Control

ABC, Blackfella Films Pty Ltd.


Scripted - Drama Series: English Language

The time could not be more right for a bold political drama where the conflicts & struggles of the characters tap into contemporary social & political tensions. The story of Total Control sits at the intersection of incredibly relevant themes - being about power, politics, ambition, betrayal & revenge. About the pressure & toll of life in public office, the double standards faced by women in what is still a very male dominated field. And the additional scrutiny and expectation faced by Indigenous public figures. It's a testament to the power & relevance of this story that Total Control has attracted such a stellar line-up of extraordinary actors. The chemistry between the incomparable Deborah Mailman, in her first lead role in a major drama series, & Rachel Griffiths is electrifying. They play two complex female characters who face extremely challenging situations & don't always do things that we like but that we always understand.