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2020 Nominees


Barbershop Films Inc., Rich Walters, Ridgeline Sound, Telus Optik TV


Children & Youth - Children and Youth Nonfiction

Going to school for many kids is an assault on their instincts, and their nervous systems. Forced to line-up do as told and encouraged to march ahead in lines. Many children struggle through their education, not knowing why their daily classroom and hallway experiences are full of anxiety and stress, and feel more like battles against their weaknesses, rather than a celebration of their strengths or differences. It is a challenging time to raise children, and an even more difficult time to educate them. From class sizes to school closures, our politicians and administrators are under tremendous pressure to figure out the best approach for our children. Unleashing their potential, while keeping them safe, has never been so complex. Issues of bullying and violence plague the intuitions and intellects of parents, administrators and teachers-alike. The documentary SKIDS reveals what is it about these issues that is preventing us from making real change, despite our continued efforts.