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2020 Nominees

Clio's Cosmic Quest



Children & Youth - Children and Youth Interactive Content

Clio’s Cosmic Quest is a read aloud, immersive, interactive adventure for the Wonderscope app. Through spatial storytelling, kids are taken on a mesmerising journey through space where they meet Clio, a particle of stardust, who one day dreams of lighting up the universe as a big, beautiful star. Clio responds to a child’s movement and voice as they explore the galaxy and talk to the various planets, encouraging children to hone their reading skills and elevating them to one of the central characters in the story. Clio’s Cosmic Quest goes at the pace of the reader, guiding them with visual and aural feedback, highlighting words, and featuring characters making eye contact and reacting expressively to the words the child speaks. The finished product is a seamless synthesis of STEM-learning, kinesthetic learning, reading and confidence building, that pushes the boundaries for what a story can be.