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2020 Nominees

Confronting: O.J. Simpson

Glass Entertainment Group, Wondery


Podcasts - Podcast of the Year

Confronting: O.J. Simpson sheds new light on the infamous O.J. Simpson murder trial. Twenty-five years ago, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were found brutally murdered outside Nicole’s home in Los Angeles. The murders, the investigation and the ensuing trial became a pop-culture phenomenon. Kim Goldman, sister of Ron Goldman, sets out to revisit the case and remind the world who Ron was. Eclipsed by the media circus, her big brother’s story was largely lost and ignored. Kim gains new insights through the conversations she has with those who experienced the investigation and trial alongside her. Guests include members of the prosecution, the media, witnesses, jurors, and experts in grief and domestic violence. Through the podcast, Kim shares those meaningful conversations about love, fear, resilience, and strength with listeners who may be confronting something themselves. Confronting has garnered both critical acclaim and praise from the press and listeners alike.