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2020 Nominees

Odd Squad

Sinking Ship Interactive


Children & Youth - Children and Youth Interactive Content

Something very odd has happened! Villains have broken into headquarters and agents are disappearing. It’s up to you to get them back. Oddmented Reality invites kids into the Odd Squad universe for an interactive adventure. You’ll meet your favourite agents and villains via via 360º video that lets you explore Odd Squad’s sprawling headquarters as you solve the case! Just trace your finger on the screen of your device to look around - all around. Of course Odd Squad wouldn’t be Odd Squad without gadgets so players get their own stock of ridiculous contraptions – the Toastinator, the Space and Time-inator, the multi-purpose Zapinator. All of these help in the silly fun as you play with number-lines, bar graphs, coordinates, Venn diagrams, and patterns, to crack the case, defeat the villains, and rescue your fellow agents. Just like the hit TV show on PBS, Odd Squad: Oddmented Reality eases even the least math-prone among us with a friendly, funny dose of confidence.