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2020 Nominees

Dino Dana

Sinking Ship Interactive


Children & Youth - Children and Youth Interactive Content

Just like Dino Dana – who sees dinosaurs in the world around her – kids who go on this Dino Quest will also see stomping, snorting, amazingly detailed dinos in the world around them, all through the camera of their app-enabled device. Adjust your dino’s size and guide it to stomp around your surroundings. Take pictures of your dino seemingly inhabiting the real world – all as you digest bite-sized morsels about how a particular dinosaur’s adaptations gave it an advantage. In single player mode, the app hides dig-sites behind virtual plants in your real-world environment. Tap to dig up the ground. A dusty dino fossil rises up in front of you. Then the fossil sprouts into a complete dinosaur, sheathes itself in skin, and is ready to play. In dual-player mode, Player 1 can hide virtual dig-sites and then hand the device to Player 2 who now sets out on their own Dino Quest. All in the name of science!