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2020 Nominees

Shimajiro: A World of WOW!

Benesse Corporation, DASH CO., The Answerstudio Co., TXN Network


Children & Youth - Pre-School

Shimajiro: A World of Wow! is a popular Japanese educational TV show that was launched in 2012. Shimajiro, a little yellow tiger, is the star and has featured in 410 episodes to date. The show provides exciting educational experiences for children as a key pathway to learning about the world around them. Each episode consists of an animated short as well as live-action segments featuring songs, dances, and imaginative introductions to difficult scientific facts. We have created an educational program that nurtures life skills - that is, the ability to take actions based on one’s own initiative - through content that encourages children to think through topics with Shimajiro and arrive at their own conclusions. The content, which has been designed to draw out the innate curiosity of young children, incorporates parent and young viewer feedback via large-scale monthly surveys and input from child development experts. The show has won global praise, nominations and awards.