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2020 Nominees

Mammouth 2019

Attraction Images, Pamplemousse Media, Tele-Quebec


Children & Youth - Children and Youth Nonfiction

Reaching teens through television is no small task. Knowing this MAMMOUTH decided to tour schools so they could listen to the teens of today to create a review of the year which represents and speaks to them. Not afraid to touch on any subject, MAMMOUTH promises to underline, in an original way, the significant events of the year; from parodies, to songs, to speeches to important moments. Over the years, MAMMOUTH has become a movement for the youth, where they can participate in what matters to them and feel invested. In order to reach its audience and attract them to this television event MAMMOUTH made the decision to break down 90 minutes into numerous capsules on social media. MAMMOUTH has an enormous presence on multiple social media platforms all leading up to this unmissable television event.