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2021 Nominees


Sphere Media Inc


- Drama Series: Non-English Language

Outbreak is a groundbreaking series whose world premiere aired in January 2020. With its gripping plot and decidedly topical subject matter, Outbreak has attracted a wide viewership; the 10-part drama produced by renowned production company Sphere Media for TVA was aired with an average market share of 36% in its home country, Canada. Outbreak has been sold in numerous countries and has created international interest. Indeed, the series has been highlighted by Virginia Mouseler during the Fresh TV formats event featuring the most talked-about formats on the planet in the MIPTV 2020 edition showcase. As proof of the quality of the production, the copy (ready-made) has been sold and will be aired dubbed in Russia (Startz), Turkey (Inter-Medya), Japan (Transformers), Estonia (ETV), Hungary (TV2) Latvia (TV3), Korea (Coup Corp), China (Times Vision) and in South America (AVF).