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The Au-Pairs in New Zealand

Aito Media


- Docusoap

The Au-Pairs was an instant hit on both Yle TV2 and Yle’s VOD platform Areena, especially in the young female target group. Since then, the show has continued its success and become even more popular - being one of the most popular shows on its platform ever. The Au-Pairs is a documentary reality show that has a positive feeling to it. The show concentrates on cultural differences and growth stories of young people. It focuses on young people who go abroad alone for the first time. The Au-Pairs depicts truthfully the conflicts that young people encounter when they are out of their comfort zone in a foreign country, and how these experiences change them. The stories of the au-pairs are recorded in a documentary style as they go along. The main characters, their loved ones, and the host families are shown truthfully and in a positive light.