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2021 Nominees

Hubble: Thirty Years of Discovery

BBC Studios, Discovery


- Science & Technology

The film features astronauts from each of the Hubble’s five service missions. Story Musgrave and Kathryn Thornton took part in the first shuttle mission to Hubble in December 1993 to fix the telescope’s blurred vision. Astronauts Steve Smith, John Grunsfeld and Mike Massimino span the four following shuttle missions. Also featuring some of the scientists who made remarkable discoveries using Hubble’s power; including Astronomer Paul Scowen, who used Hubble to take one of the telescope’s most iconic images – the “Pillars of Creation” and Astronomer Steve Beckwith who spearheaded the “Hubble Ultra Deep Field” observation – capturing almost 13 billion years of history in a single image, a picture that remains one of the deepest optical images of the universe ever taken by humankind. The documentary includes never-seen-before scientific visualisation “Pillars of Creation”, Hubble’s most renowned observation. The most detailed, ambitious visualisation of the iconic image ever created.