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2021 Nominees

FYI Investigates

Fresh Start Media Production


- Live Action: Youth (11-17)

The idea behind the FYI : For Your Info - a weekly news show presented by children and for children - is to give kids a platfrom on which to to speak out and be heard. It's spin off documentary series - FYI Investigates is a chance to look at bigger issues in more detail. The idea that children are not intersted in the news is wrong, they just need to know where to find it, and be able to trust it. The idea that children don't care about the world around them is also wrong, never before have children's voices been so loud, across the globe they are demnanding an end to racisim, a better life and more to be done to tackle climate change. Our young reporters are not puppets, they engage with all the stories they cover, writing their own scripts, questions and coming up with their own ideas. Many of our stories come from our viewers and they have a chance to have their say and quiz those in power. FYI is their show, their platform.