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2021 Nominees

Extinction: The Facts

BBC Studios, The Science Unit, PBS, BBC


- Environmental & Wildlife

Over the course of his career Sir David Attenborough has encountered some of the world’s most extraordinary animals and plants. We now know that if immediate action isn’t taken many of these species could disappear from the planet forever. In 2019, with support from the United Nations, 500 scientists from around the world carried out their most comprehensive assessment of the natural world. Their findings revealed that 1 million species are at risk of extinction. The huge variety of life on earth, known as biodiversity, is being lost at a rate never seen before in human history. Bringing together ecologists, biologists, economists and environmental lawyers, Extinction the Facts examines why biodiversity loss is happening, what it means not just for the natural world but every one of us, and asks what can be done to stop it. As David Attenborough observes, we still have the chance of creating a better future and what happens next is up to every one of us.