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2021 Nominees


Cinétévé, ArtémisProductions, CineCentrum, Studio Hamburg


- Comedy Series: Non-English Language

PARLIAMENT is an ambitious comedy show that attempted (and achieved) the impossible: give a face to the European MEP and their assistants. To be truthful to its topic, the series has been written by a European writers : Noé Debré, Daran Johnson, and two witty Eurocrats, Pierre Dorac and Maxime Calligaro who added their professional experience to the show to ensure the veracity of the administrative process and the events. The four of them had writing sessions in the walls of the European Parliament - that is also one of the unique originalities of this show: it was entirely shot in the European Parliament and its premises. Thanks to this incredible “set,” we dive into comedy but also in the everyday life of one of the most prominent institutions. We believe PARLIAMENT should win because it is the very first - hilarious and political - pan-European tv series. The press and the ratings haven’t missed this point – they have been raving about the way it shines a new light on Brussels