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2021 Nominees

Autism and Adulthood

Pixcom Productions Inc.


- Docuseries

Autism and Adulthood takes us into the lives of young autistic individuals. What obstacles await them in the future? Can their parents cope with the day-to-day reality without anxiety? We witness the emotional journey that Benjamin, Mathis, Raphaël, Maelle, Laurent, Malika, Eliott and their families are dealing with as the youth find themselves facing the numerous challenges of the adult world. In parallel, we follow three additional autistic adults: Charles-Antoine and Elie who are leaving the family nest for the first time and Nathalie who remains living with her mother due to the lack of care services. What happens to these individuals as they enter the next critical stages of life? Where will they live? How do aging parents care for their children? The series opens our eyes on the subject of autism and all its complexity.