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2021 Nominees

Hey Lady!

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- Short Fiction Program

Hey Lady! had its world premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival and began streaming on CBC Gem in Canada on Valentine’s Day to record-breaking numbers. Creator Morris Panych conceived of Lady specifically for legendary comedian Jayne Eastwood. In the show, Lady cracks the fourth wall to upend the very series she’s in, bringing into question what is real or what might, in fact, be happening only in her mind. The series is helmed by award-winning directorial team Adriana Maggs (Goalie), Oscar-nominated Sarah Polley (Away From Her) and Will Bowes. Eastwood’s partner in crime is actor-singer Jackie Richardson as the jovial, chain-smoking Rosie. Lady and Rosie’s antagonists include psychiatrist (Don McKellar), a judge (Scott Thompson), a gallery owner (Peter Keleghan) and her long-suffering children. Indiewire called Hey Lady! “a meta lark", and in the Globe & Mail critic John Doyle wrote “the most uproariously funny and rude comedy [CBC] has done in, perhaps, forever."