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2021 Nominees

The Revenge of a Woman



- Podcast: Fiction

The Revenge of a Woman is a unique genre blending audio series combining fact and fiction in a hilariously dark tragicomedy. The saga of vengeance begins as the main character Saila gets run over at a pedestrian crossing, forcing her to reflect on her life with fresh eyes. Saila realizes that excessive kindness has always been a problem for her and a burden. She wants to take power back in her own hands. Thus, Saila embarks on a voyage of systematic revenge. The Revenge of a Woman series portrays the evil within humans in a kind, humoristic fashion, and explores reasons why the act of revenge has remained in the human social sphere. Examining her aggression, Saila finds out that an aggressive woman is still a taboo and different rules apply in the expression of female and male aggression. The series portrays how people ought to recognize their own dark side instead of denying it. The script was inspired by women’s revenge fantasies collected for the production by an online form.