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2021 Nominees

Protect Yourself Rules Teen Series

Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation, WonderMedia, University of Washington Joshua Center on Child Sexual Abuse


- Animation: Youth (11-17)

Sexual abuse experienced by today’s teens is a global health concern. To help bring awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse, the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation collaborated with Wonder Media and the University of Washington’s Joshua Center to develop a series of animated vignettes that help teens understand and hopefully stop abuse. Whether it is a boss, a relative, a boyfriend, or someone taking advantage of a situation, our characters tell stories of what has happened to them and how they said no to stop the abuse. Abuse happens to both boys and girls and in our feature episode, characters Jon and Lucas show what grooming behavior can look like, how it can feel, and how to see your way out of it. Viewed by millions and translated into many foreign languages our videos are helping children globally through relatable stories using the power of animation.