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2021 Nominees

Imagine: This House is Full of Music

BBC, Swan Films


- Arts & Culture

For musicians like the Kanneh-Masons, the pandemic has been a challenge, with cancelled concerts and careers on hold. This family of mixed African and Caribbean heritage were living in the family home, sevensiblings, one lodger and their parents. The film brought the exacting technical standards and sense of live excitement of a classical music concert to them. Using a fixed rig, the first time remote filming technology has been used in this series, the family staged a concert for the nation played and recorded to the highest standards. Once the rig was installed, we were also able to give viewers a glimpse into their lockdown life, and the creativity and love that sustains them as a family and fuels their music-making. This was a chance for the nation to come together in a celebration of the rich and diverse musical culture in a human and relatable situation. The result was classical music as we’ve not seen it before, from the home of one of Britain’s most talented musical families.