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2021 Nominees

Gangs of London

Pulse Films, SISTER


- Drama Series: English Language

 At its heart is a Shakespearian family drama that exploits, divides and conquers the power struggle for the city. As characters are driven to extraordinary measures, the show features remarkable technical feats like no British drama series before it. Boasting unparalleled action sequences and world building scale typically reserved for the silver screen, Gangs of London was marvelled by fans and critics alike. Unlike any other British ‘gangland’ drama before it, Gangs of London naturally reflected the intersectionality of cultures found within the City of London. Throughout its nine-episodes, it captures the collision of language and culture that happens every day in the real city, with characters frequently criss-crossing in and out of their native languages and English. Gangs of London also uniquely reveals the conflicting cultural motives and aspirations for the various criminal organisations.