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Over 55 interviews were conducted for the OBAMA series, including such luminaries as Rep. John Lewis, Ambassador Susan Rice, Secretary Jeh Johnson, Valerie Jarett, Director John Brennan, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Joy Reid, Michael Steele, Tina Tchen, Lester Holt,Cornell Blecher, David Plouffe, Common, Rev. Al Sharpton, Senator Claire McCaskill, Michael Eric Dyson, Cecilia Muñoz & Eddie Glaude. With many of our story-lines emanating from within the confines of the president’s Oval Office, the series filmed highly-stylized cinematic scenes inside a replica of Obama’s office. These powerful and provocative White House scenes, along with clips from several of Obama’s speeches, replayed on TV screens located in real, everyday work places, helped evoked a sense that we are witnessing these historic moments as they are taking place. More than just bringing history back to life, our series brings a clarity and an appreciation as to how we as a nation, got to where we are today.