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2021 Nominees


Sinking Ship Entertainment, Sesame Workshop


- Live Action: Children (0-10)

Ghostwriter is a live action series that follows four kids - Ruben, Chevon, Curtis, and Donna - as they try to unravel the mystery of a ghost that is haunting a neighborhood bookstore and releasing fictional characters into the real world. The aim is to entertain while also promote a love of reading. A perfect example of this is in the episode, “The Jungle Ghost Part One” where Mowgli from the Jungle Book is released into the world and suddenly our characters can talk to animals all over the neighborhood, especially the family pet that has something he needs to get off his chest! Over the course of the season, the kids meet all kinds of characters, from the charming eccentrics of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, to space cowboy, the Camarillo Kid, in the action-adventure story Trinity. Using a combination of comedy and grounded emotions, Ghostwriter tackles such issues as dyslexia, divorce and the loss of a loved one.