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2021 Nominees

The Broken and the Bad

IKA Collective, AMC Digital, AMC Networks


- Short Non-Fiction Program

"The Broken and the Bad" is an AMC short-form docu-series featuring real-life manifestations of characters and themes in the Better Call Saul / Breaking Bad universe. In Better Call Saul, Chuck McGill claims to suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Anything that emits radio waves makes Chuck violently ill. But is that a real thing? Nestled in the rolling hills of Appalachia, Green Bank, WV is home to the world’s largest movable radio telescope. The US government has gone to great lengths to minimize any electromagnetic interference, eliminating cell towers, wifi and other transmission sources, making Green Bank the quietest place on earth- and a haven for all sorts of people who believe they have debilitating electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EMH). In "Radio-Free West Virginia, we explore how the town is coping with an influx of people with an illness that science isn't able to describe.