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2021 Nominees

Odd Squad Mobile Unit

Sinking Ship Entertainment, Fred Rogers Productions


- Live Action: Children (0-10)

If something odd happens like your dog is doubled or your spouse is shrunk, simply call your friendly local Odd Squad precinct and those kids will fix you right up. But what happens when oddness doesn’t stay put? Like a globe-trotting creature or a villain causing oddness across multiple towns? In that case, you call the Odd Squad Mobile Unit. This 4-person team is ready to go anywhere in the world at the drop of a juice box, enlisting the help of local agents, and always using math or science to solve the problem! In each episode, the Mobile Unit travels to a new location in the OSMU van - their headquarters on wheels - to solve their next big case. Packed with action, comedy and delightfully odd characters, this new season takes everything viewers have come to expect about Odd Squad and brings it to a worldwide scale.