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2021 Nominees

Wonder Woollies Play World

Fuzzy House


- Interactive: Children (0-10)

Wonder Woollies Play World is a digital toy - a playful and quirky universe for 4-7 year olds. Wonder Woollies is all about open-ended play, imagination and creativity, also when playing digitally. The gameplay is focused on creating and exploring a personalized universe, where kids can make up their own imaginative narratives. The entire Wonder Woollies universe is a playground. Each character has a unique house and the various items can be moved around to create endless play opportunities. There are various outdoor playscapes like lake, scene and garden. You can for instance arrange a cosy picnic and serve your own homemade goodies. In the garden, you can plant stuff, harvest vegetables and pick funny fruits. The tactile handmade feel of Wonder Woollies, makes the visual universe stand out, but also it celebrates the imperfect - sending a message to our audience that they can make things, too Wonder Woollies is designed to engage girls as well as boys and to let kids be kids.