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2021 Nominees


Paper Owl Films


- Animation: Children (5-10)

Paper Owl Films is thrilled to present ‘Sol’, an absorbing, important film about one little boys’ grief journey. ‘Sol’ shows that we can deal with difficult subjects for young audiences, in a powerful way through the medium of content creation. Children live in worlds that are real, that have pain and death and struggle and difficulty – and these children deserve to be celebrated on screen in positive ways that celebrate their courage and strength. Sol proves that not only CAN this be done, but when done well it will attract audiences in the international marketplace. Since 2020, grief has been all too pertinent an issue for children all over the world. If they are not experienced grief directly, they are certainly experiencing the worry of it as the pandemic threatened their families, their way of life and their grandparents most of all. ‘Sol’ is a unique film, created in a year like no other to represent and support children.