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2021 Nominees

Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster

Battersea Arts Centre, BBC, The Space


- Comedy & Variety

Since its inception in 2008, BAC’s Beatbox Academy has pro-actively engaged harder to reach groups in areas of significant deprivation in Wandsworth, including BAME communities, young carers and children at risk of engaging in crime. Over the past 10 years of the Academy nurturing rising talent and pushing the boundaries of sound and music, the cast of Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster has developed; from a collective of amateur participants into highly-accomplished performers and music leaders. The critically-acclaimed, 5-star, Off West End Award Winning gig-theatre production is inspired by the original monstrous tale of power and persecution. Part electrifying gig, part thrilling theatre, Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster is a powerful and poetic show that pushes the power of the human voice to its expressive, musical and rhythmic limits. Six performers with six microphones take apart Mary Shelley's original and reimagine a world of modern monsters.