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2021 Nominees

Top Gear

BBC, BBC Studios


- Comedy & Variety

Like everyone who has been filming during the pandemic, every aspect of production was made more complex, from recces, to filming and not least, the editing process and voice over records being done over zoom. Our aim was that not one single element would feel compromised – from ideas, to final post production, and feel we achieved that. The episode we have submitted is proof that lack of international travel didn’t affect our ambition as involved building an enormous Wall of Death which the three presenters were then challenged to drive on – in insurance right offs. It was a hugely complex undertaking given the build and filming all took place during lockdown with strict Covid protocols followed at all times. This was reflected in the viewing figures which rose week on week and ended with consolidated viewing figures of 5.77 million viewers – a number which has not been reached since the Clarkson days.