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2021 Nominees

Afghanistan: The Wounded Land

LOOKSfilm, NDR/ARTE, Aljazeera (AJD), CT, Format TV, DR, Knowledge Network, Toute l’Histoire, NRK, VPRO, supported by Creative Europe MEDIA, MDM


- History & Biography

In "Afghanistan: The Wounded Land" we tell the Afghan history from a new perspective. In our international series production, not only CIA agents, Russian military officers, jihadists and war reporters have their say. Women who risked their lives in the resistance against the Taliban and who today help shape the future of the country as politicians also talk about their experiences. They all tell the story of a nation full of hope, fighting spirit and contradictions. The result is a picture of a country in an area of conflict between East and West, miniskirts and burqas, enlightened urbanity and fundamentalist rural populations. It becomes understandable all at once how world politics has intervened in the country's domestic conflicts and how the country influences the world through its development.