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2021 Nominees

Italy's Frontline: A Doctor's Diary

Mongoose Pictures, BBC TV Current Affairs, PBS Frontline


- Social Issues & Current Affairs

As the coronavirus pandemic devastates countries across the globe, much of the suffering has taken place beyond the view of news cameras - in besieged hospital units closed to visitors. On March 19th, with unprecedented access, the BBC and PBS Frontline went inside one such unit and documented these harrowing, heroic scenes over the course of month as the first wave of the pandemic unfolded. Italy’s Frontline: a Doctor’s Diary, is a rare, in-depth documentary filmed inside a hospital battling the coronavirus outbreak.The film follows Dr. Mangiatordi, her staff and her patients as they battle COVID-19 in a region that’s at the epicenter of the country’s outbreak - from the darkest days to signs of hope. Through the directors lens, we watch from the front lines, as doctors are forced to make life-and-death decisions, and as younger and younger patients become critically ill. The story of Cremona Hospital offers a powerful window into the experience of so many doctors around the world.