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BBC Studios Natural History Unit


- Environmental & Wildlife

So often, we look at the Primate order through the lens of ourselves. After all, this is our very own animal family, and for that it deserves special attention. But in Primates we set out to show that this group is remarkable regardless of our place in it. But that was no mean feat! Primates are extraordinarily diverse. The species number in the hundreds,. The smallest is hundreds of times smaller than the largest and whilst some live in herds thousands strong, others are entirely solitary. And not only that, the majority live out of sight and high up in the canopy, a notoriously difficult place to film. So we are proud to have done this animal family justice. The series features new species, new behaviour and incredible new insights from the wild. And best of all, it delivers on primetime entertainment, and mass audience appeal, without dodging the difficult subjects in primate conservation with gravity and authority.