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2021 Nominees

True and the Rainbow Kingdom

FriendsWithYou, Guru Studio, Homeplate Entertainment, i am OTHER, Netflix


- Animation: Preschool (0-4)

It’s Friendship Day! True and her friends head to the beach to celebrate, but when Grizelda heads off to collect seashells she finds herself face-to-face with a magical giant Grippity Grab - who turns her into a mermaid! So True must travel to the depths of the ocean to save her friend Grizelda. In “Friendship Day” children are introduced to the ideas of selflessness and caring for others through the show’s seemingly most self-centered character Grizelda. The episode encourages children to be empathetic by promoting the idea that all living things, even the grumpiest crabs among us, need and deserve our friendship. In the end, it's Grizelda who is willing to sacrifice her life on land for the freedom of her new friend Grippity, ultimately demonstrating that all creatures - big or small - can be great friends.