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2021 Nominees




- Short Fiction Program

The journey to your soul is the only one worth to be taken alone. Passengers is an episodic mystery drama, about regrets, atonement and absolution. Andrey drives a cab, but he’s no ordinary Taxi driver. All his passengers are dead. His job is to deliver them to the Afterlife, but it’s never straightforward. Andrey’s passengers come from all walks of life and each has a story, they can’t reach their destined afterlife until they face-up to and atone for something from their past. But it’s a rare soul who wants to hold a mirror up to their faults, they need a guide, some encouragement, and so they turn to the only other presence in the taxi, Andrey. Andrey himself is an enigma, a taciturn driver who exists only in the present, and a reluctant guide for lost souls. Each time Andrey successfully delivers a lost soul from limbo, a mysterious number on the taxi-meter counts down one by one. And with each soul’s story a little bit more of Andrey’s past is revealed. Are the Passengers the only