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2021 Nominees

I'm Not A Monster

BBC Panorama, FRONTLINE (PBS), BBC Radio, BBC Sounds


- Podcast: Non-Fiction

How did an American woman, Sam, and her children end up at the heart of the ISIS caliphate? And what happened when they came home? Getting to the truth has taken journalist Josh Baker from South Bend Indiana to depths of an ISIS torture prison in Raqqa, Syria. The 4-year investigation has seen Baker risk his life to uncover what really happened. He speaks with ISIS members, FBI agents, and is the only journalist to have interviewed an American child who lived under the group’s rule. Baker prioritizes the care and safety of vulnerable contributors, including members of the Yazidi religious minority and others impacted by ISIS’ brutality. The podcast is the first ever collaboration between BBC Sounds, Panorama and FRONTLINE PBS, which The Times calls “a bomb-dodging, bone-chilling drama.” The resulting tale is an ambitious and emotional work of audio journalism that the Financial Times says is “worthy of a dark Hollywood thriller.”