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2021 Nominees

Seven Truths, Antica Productions


- Podcast: Non-Fiction

Award-winning author and journalist Tanya Talaga tells her personal story of the fight for human rights among First Nations peoples as told through the lens of the Seven Grandfather Teachings that guide Anishinaabe life. The Anishinaabe are guided by the Seven Grandfather Teachings - Love, Bravery, Humility, Wisdom, Honesty, Respect and Truth. In "Seven Truths", listeners explore each teaching through the eyes of Anishinaabe storyteller Tanya Talaga, and through the lives and experiences of people she’s proud to know. These truths, told through contemporary stories, help us find common ground here on Turtle Island, so that we can live together, justly. Tanya Talaga worked as a journalist for the "Toronto Star" for more than 20 years and has been nominated five times for the Michener Award in public service journalism. She is the acclaimed author of "Seven Fallen Feathers", which has received numerous awards.